Publications & Abstracts

Journal Articles

Soucy, J-PR, Kutcher, SA, MacLean, E, Sewitch, MJ. 2018. You only live twice. American Journal of Public Health. In press.

Soucy, J-PR, Slatculescu, AM, Nyiraneza, C, Ogden, NH, Leighton, PA, Kerr, JT, Kulkarni, MA. 2018. High-resolution ecological niche modelling of Ixodes scapularis ticks based on passive surveillance data at the northern frontier of Lyme disease emergence in North America. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 18 (5): 235–242. doi: 10.1089/vbz.2017.2234 (open access)

Soucy, J-PR. 2017. Cats, rabbits, birds, and viruses, oh my! Modelling the conservation implications of a complex virus release in a predator–prey system. SIAM Undergraduate Research Online. 10: 40–64. doi: 10.1137/16S015553 (open access)

Kraemer, SA, Soucy, J-PR*, Kassen, R. 2017. Antagonistic interactions of soil pseudomonads are structured in time. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 93 (5): fix046. doi: 10.1093/femsec/fix046 [*Joint first author] (post-print; version of record)

Book Chapters

Soucy, J-PR, Tomayer, A, Veilleux-Gravel, E, Fleming, K. Part of Your World: Mermaids and Where to Find Them*. In: E. Waters and RJ Smith? (eds), Monster Math, University of Ottawa Press, in press. [*Introduction to species distribution modelling]

Oral Presentations

Soucy, J-PR, Slatculescu, AM, Nyiraneza, C, Ogden, NH, Leighton, PA, Kerr, JT, Kulkarni, MA. Modelling environmental risk of Lyme disease using passive tick surveillance in Ontario. 14th Annual EBOH Student Research Day; 2018 March 17; Montreal Neurological Institute; Montreal, QC, CA. [2nd place oral presentation award]

Poster Presentations

Soucy, J-P, Kerr, J, Kulkarni, M. Ecological niche modelling of the tick vector of Lyme disease from passive surveillance data in Ottawa, Ontario. Biology Honours Thesis Poster Session; 2016 April 28; University of Ottawa; Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Soucy, J-P, Kraemer, S, Kassen, R. Spatial, temporal, and genetic factors influencing antagonistic interactions in Pseudomonas soil isolates. Undergraduate Research Opportunity Symposium; 2015 April 2; University of Ottawa; Ottawa, ON, Canada

Submitted Articles

Joint modelling of resistance to six antimicrobials in urinary Escherichia coli isolates in Quebec, Canada. Soucy, J-PR, Schmidt, AM, Frenette, C, Dolcé, P, Boudreault, AA, Buckeridge, DL, Quach, C.

Other Articles

What makes ticks tick? Using your tick encounters to predict Lyme disease risk. Soucy, J-PR. 2018. McGill Blogs.